ezSTOW Created

Hey everyone!
Today is the day that I launched my new brand
After months of working on this it’s now a full blown reality!

After years of beach camp and girls never being able to find their phone, the sunscreen, a pen, a trash bag or the schedule of events, I came up with a new way to organize my outdoors. Able to attach to any upright and built for the weather, I’m really proud of this product!!

Thanks to all my great friends who helped along the way- and especially Joe Citizen who kept me on track!

Available now here or on Amazon!

The nitty gritty on the product:

I wanted to create something that could hold what I needed while I was outdoors; so for me personally that meant my coffee, water bottle, phone, sunscreen the schedule (if you know me you know I LOVE spreadsheets and schedules) and paper towels.  So, that meant pockets... lots of pockets.  The big pockets can hold a huge hand sanitizer (or germy juice as my girls call it), my big REI water bottle, or an extra t-shirt.  We made it big and with an elastic top to stretch to fit. The center pockets needed to fit the drinks and phones, and we needed them to be able to be used one-handed so we designed them to stay open with a more rigid top rim. Then we found these cool document holders that use our built in clip - and that keeps all my info available and clean.

Then my hubby, Doug, had just completed a custom Truck Build for 5.11 Tactical while I was in development - and I saw how many cool PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) products there were out there.  I wanted to make sure to incorporate that into the ezSTOW, so there is a huge market of items that can be purchased and will immediately work with this product.  The loops also give tons of place that things can be stuck or clipped to.

... and that is where we started, let's see where we can end up!