ezSTOW Blows Away the Competition

What makes ezSTOW so innovative is all the functionality in such a compact space. Before ezSTOW revolutionized canopy organization, the only option was dedicating an entire canopy wall to keeping your things off the ground. Now, all the features (and more!) are available by using just the posts of the canopy.

Surely, both of these solutions offer convenience and some similar features. For example, both include a handy solution to hold a paper towel role. Also, each include mesh pockets to hold items. But even here the andvantage of ezSTOW starts to emerge. The canopy wall, with all its bulk, has only 8 pockets while ezSTOW has 10!

The advantage of the ezSTOW is obvious in all the convenient features you will NOT find in any other canopy accessory. The ezSTOW has smaller pockets to hold things like coffee cups and cell phones. It folds up smaller and travels better. ezSTOW will fit on any canopy not just a standard 10x10 canopy. It even fits on outdoor umbrellas.

When we further consider the quality construction of the ballistic Nylon material in ezSTOW and that it is available in many colors and even a miniSTOW version, there is simply no comparison at all.

ezSTOW - The World's Best Canopy Organizer