Don't Spill the Coffee

Spilled Coffee Canopy Organizer

Don't let it happen to you!

It is early morning and it is time to set up the canopy and start the day at the game, the beach, or the campground. Of course, you simply can NOT start your day without that cup of coffee. With the canopy all set up, you sit back to enjoy that $8.00 personalized order from the barista, take a sip, and set it down next to you. Then it happens… the kids coming run and BOOM! Your delicious start to your day is spilled all over the ground.

Our founder, Marni, had seen too many delicious cups spilled and wasted so she looked for a solution. The canopy itself and the posts that hold it up became the perfect place to start.

Cup Holding Canopy Organizer

No other organizer for your canopy is more convenient for holding that steaming cup of joe. With flexible mesh pockets, you can safely hold any size of coffee cup; or, even hold your coffee mug! The ezSTOW drink pockets have elastic openings to adjust for the size of the cup. The highly durable material is easily washed if even a sip should fall out.

In addition to the elastic top pockets that are perfect for coffee cups, the ezSTOW also has larger mesh pockets with very solid nylon tops for holding a wide variety of drinks. Large water bottles and sport drink bottles can be held securely and in the most convenient place without the risk that they too will get kicked over.

These is nothing worse than having to start your day without your morning coffee. The bad mood from watching that precious beverage spill all over the ground can last all day. ezSTOW is your best solution for keeping that drink nearby the canopy but off the ground where the kids will kick it over. Get ezSTOW today and hold all your drinks, large and small, and make sure your day gets off to a great start!